Well, that’s different…

The marlins have changed their name from Florida Marlins to Miami Marlins. That cool I guess. I would gone all the way and changed the team to the Vice…get it?

In addition to the new location they also have new unis and a new logo. It’s about time, the old logo and colors looked dated. A nice new logo is great, maybe going with a more traditional feel, kinda like their friends up the peninsula in Tampa. Miami is a city known for bright loud colors but that doesn’t mean their team has to follow suit…right?

According to their wikipedia sire their new colors are:
Black, International Orange, Sky Blue, Sun Yellow, White

It looks like the logo for an open-air concert venue near the beach.

The team unis are a mix. The regular home and road are ok, white and grey, classic color choice that works. The alternates are terrible. One has a bright orange, well I guess it’s international orange, jersey. It looks like an all star practice jersey. The second alternate jersey is black. That by its self isn’t too bad, I don’t care for black jerseys in baseball but it’s not terrible. Through some bright neon looking colors and it is horrendous.

I don’t like to be negative but the second i saw these I thought to myself, “really”. I have a feeling these won’t last too long.

Can you imagine Pujols in these things?


3 responses to “Well, that’s different…

  1. Normally, I like traditional style jerseys, real simple, but these aren’t bad. I like the mix of colors, reminds me of the old Devil Rays uni’s. I like the white and the orange, and can’t wait to grab me a Brad Hand jersey.

  2. Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no. Those are awful. Good god, is this a practical joke?

  3. The shorts are not bad but those hats look really really awful.

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