Football terms that bug me…

-Pick six

For some reason it really bugs me when anyone say pick six.

-Football move

By definition isn’t any move on the football field a football move?

That is all for now

Yuck, I just saw a Packers fan with a jersey that said “Witness” on the back.


6 responses to “Football terms that bug me…

  1. I always hated the phrase “on the ensuing drive”

    Don’t know why, but it just always bugged me.

  2. Are we allowed to change sports? I don’t have any football terms that annoy me, but “heat check” in basketball always made me mad. A guy hits a few shots, then throws up an ill-advised shot and it’s a “heat check” to see if he’s “on fire”. The way the NBA us going right now, I won’t have to hear it fir awhile. But I will miss Derrick Rose.

    And as a Bears fan, not happy that Green Bay is so good they have backup QB’s doing Lambeau Leaps.

  3. The NFL is filled with terms that are annoying. I think any announcer that says “The National Football League” instead of “NFL” should get docked a day’s salary.

    Ron Jaworski would be begging for change in the streets.

  4. The term I hate applies to almost all sports, and that’s “unaswered points” (baskets, goals…). If team A scores a touchdown, then team B scores three touchdowns, then team A scores a touchdown, commentators like to say that team B scored 21 unanswered points. This term is used when the points occur at any point during the game, which doesn’t always mean they are unanswered. Why not just use the term “straight” or “consecutive?” I hate it when stupid people use cliches to try to sound smart. When you do that, you do sound smart… to OTHER STUPID PEOPLE.

  5. Fuck, there I go talking about stupid people, and I spell “unanswered” wrong in the first line.

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