More football….

Cam may have had a rough outing by Cam standards but one guy had a monster week.
He has huge upside, especially now that he has Carson Plamer throwing to him. Palmer is getting up there in years but he did make Ochocinco and TJ Houz-a-mah-whatshisname into recieving monsters. This is a tandem to keep your eyes on. With little in the way of challengers in the AFC Westthe Raiders could make a playoff run (imagine that) and a solid game in January could send his cards sky high.

I look to this guy to have a monster night.
I think The Vikes will take Green Bay tonight and Ponder will have a big hand in that.
I also predict Jared Allen puts Rodgers on the turf at least twice.



4 responses to “More football….

  1. Packers by 17…with the Vikings picking up a junk time TD.
    While we’re at it:
    Christian Ponder: 1 TD, 2 INT, 1 Fumble Lost
    Jared Allen: 2.5 Sacks
    Aaron Rodgers: 3 TD

  2. I’m living a much healthier life after walking away from the Vikes many years ago.

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