How do you like your number…

On a numbered card how do you like it:

On Front

On Back


5 responses to “How do you like your number…

  1. IMO It depends on the card and it’s design.

  2. Not a fan of when Topps numbers their cards on the front. It seems so out if place and the numbering is so boring.

  3. Pretty sure the purpose of numbering on the front is to help prevent tampering. If anyone ever creates on of those fancy patch databases or whatever, all you need is the front of the card to determine legitimacy. Helps in posting on eBay too, plus it puts the rarity front and center. I’m on front al the way!

  4. If is a 1 of 1 than I think its better on the front. Otherwise, IMO the numbering belongs on the back; it is only manufacturing information.

  5. Only time it should be on the front is when it’s hand-numbered. Otherwise it just looks out of place, even a 1/1 (IMO).

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