Chrome value pack…

My son and I were at Target doing a little early Christmas shopping and happened upon the card aisle. I was looking for some chrome football and chose a chrome value pack, you now the three pack deal with the bonus orange refractors.

I love chrome football, it’s one of my favorite sets, up there with DPP and EEE. I did OK, no Cam Newton though.

The last few years of Topps have looked great in chrome, this year follows suit.
James looks so tough on this picture.

My packs had one refractor in each pack, pretty nice. Two of them were rookies.
Mark is a nice get. The card looks awesome in person. I like the pouty look he is giving the camera on his card. Bilal is one of those guys that seems to be all over every product. I hold out hope he will still have a good career.

I also got this guy.
Finest Freshman looks pretty cool. Correct me if I am wrong but I think this set is also in Finest. A little cross-over can be fun.

The orange cards are OK.
I didn’t do too great, a couple of commons and this guy.

Chrome is a great place to go to pick up a nice solid rookie on the cheap. Well it was, prices of Chrome football boxes has been steadily climbing since it’s release. Boxes are hovering around the $100 range right now. The strong rookie class combined with on-card autos has made this a huge release. If you can find value packs or blasters grab them. This look to be going the way of 2010 Bowman baseball.

Topps and Panini are both working hard to get a lot more on card rookies out there this year. A trend I think everyone can get behind.



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