Hedging their bets?

The Twins signed former Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit.
MLB.com is stating he was signed as Mauer’s back-up, but with Mauer’s ongoing health issues you can’t but think he will be a little more than that. I really think Mauer will move to another position before too long.

I have always been a fan of Doumit so I am glad to see him join the Twinkies.



One response to “Hedging their bets?

  1. I wanted to like Doumit. I really did. In the beginning he was great. But the injuries, the half-assed attempts at playing right field and first base, and the fact that time after time it was blatantly obvious he couldn’t throw guys out at second anymore. Boy could he hit.

    I figured he wouldn’t make it to the regular season after 2010. But no one wanted to run the risk in taking him in a trade because of all the injuries. The Twins could do much worse for $3 million though, that’s for sure.

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