Here’s the thing…

Say what you will about Tebow, but he is winning.
He tossed for a few more yards, eclipsing last weeks 2 completed passes by 7 for a total of 104 passing yards. He rushed for 68 and a TD. It may not be pretty but it’s getting Ws

Really the guy that brought home the victory was this dude.
The rookie had a monster game: 9 tackles, 1.5 sacks and a forced fumble. Not too bad.
If the Bronco’s D can keep roughing up opponents and scoring points Tebow’s rushing TDs may be enough to keep them in the black.



6 responses to “Here’s the thing…

  1. Thank you for recognizing the real star of the game tonight. Tebow will get all the praise, again, but a pick 6, fumbled kickoff, and Von being a beast kept them in the game. All the Broncos offense had to do was come up with one drive to win the game, and that’s about all they were able to do tonight. Why the Jets decided to blitz a guy that can’t throw I’ll never understand. As long as the W’s keep adding up the Tebow hype will continue.

  2. The Broncos are winning, not Tebow. They’d stand a better chance to win if he played better, particularly throwing the ball, what with him being a QB and all. Kind of his job, last I checked.

  3. I just like that Von Miller wears glasses. That’s my kind of style.

  4. We had a nice chat about this on the Blowout forums last night. It came down to all the yeasayers saying “Tebow wins; he really motivates his team to play better.” And all the naysayers saying “Every throw is terrible.”

    I’m a naysayer. The guy has 4th quarter magic but his passes look awful – I turned on midway through the third quarter and saw several awful throws including an easy third down conversion that turned incomplete when Tebow missed his guy’s hands by 3-5 feet. His accuracy really needs to come along before the Broncos can trust him long term. So hopefully he gets better in that department.

    But thanks for noticing Miller too. Aside from that last ridiculous drive where Tebow all over the Jets, Miller was the dude that helped Denver win. Sanchez couldn’t do anything all night and Miller’s pressure was a big part of that.

  5. A good team is like a puzzle, every piece has to be in place. You can hate on Tebow but the team is winning more with him at QB than they did with out him. Team chemistry is a funny thing.

    He may not be the best QB, or even a very good QB but he isn’t lossing them games.

  6. Miller is becoming the first Bronco I’ve liked since Terrell Davis. This guy is a beast, and he’s fast as hell. I pulled his Black Ref. Parallel auto from a blaster, and have never been happier to pull a linebacker auto.

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