Watching a couple of future 1st round draft picks…

The Cavs are playing the Seminoles in Fla tonight. The Cavs are having a solid season under the guidance of Coach London. Coach was a former cop and has taken the Cavs in a brand new direction. He is a solid dude on top of that.

The Cavs have found their stroke in the air but their real bread and butter is the one-two punch of junior running back Perry Jones
and freshman running back Kevin Parks.
Both guys are beasts and I see them as solid contenders for the 1st round in the next few years.

If they can take Fla State then their showdown with Tech next weekend will be even that much more exciting. Tech aint gonna have the walk in the park they like to pretend they are expecting in C-ville.

OK Spanky, take your shots.



2 responses to “Watching a couple of future 1st round draft picks…

  1. 1. The refs totally screwed FSU in the first quarter (yes, I know that doesn’t explain why FSU sucked the rest of the game)

    2. The finish was insane. All around crazy. UVA’s game-winning touchdown drive was very deserving of the win.

    3. It’s Spankee, not Spanky.

    4. Trust me, nobody in Hokie Nation wanted UVA to win. We don’t want to play you in Charlottesville for a spot in the ACC Championship when we just got an inflated BCS ranking of 5. It has all the trappings of an upset.

    5. I really really really hope VT wins because I have ACC Championship tickets and I don’t want to have to sell them to a Wahoo.

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