The latest AP poll has Uva football at #24. Holy crap! I can’t remember the last time Virginia was ranked.

Last night they fought off the zombie Seminoles. Time after time the Cavs put them down but they kept coming back from the dead. Finally the put them down for good. To put down a zombie you have to put one in the brain, to put down a ‘Nol you need to let them miss a field goal.

This coming Saturday in C-ville the Hoos take on the chickens from Blacksburg. For the first time I can remember the game has true meaning. Spankee and his boys won’t admit it, but they have to be nervous.



3 responses to “#24…

  1. I’ll freely admit it, London has this UVa team playing like they have nothing to lose. This scares me. I miss Al Groh

  2. Hey, I admitted it in my comment last night. We’re overranked and UVA has confidence for the first time in a long time. Not a good combination

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