“Big Klu” and friends, 1952 Topps style…

I mentioned in a previous post that as my dad builds his epic collection I have been the recipient of some extra crds. Today I received some more welcome collateral.

My son and I drove to grandma and grandpas house the other day. When I got there my dad mentioned he had some extra ’52 Topps cards and wanted to know if I wanted them. I said sure.
The first two were pretty cool.
Elmer had a .282 patting average over his 20 year career, hitting a career high .364 in 1955.
Combs only played 5 seasons as a back up catcher. He has a nice looking card though.

The 3rd card was the star.
Big Klu was most well known for his hatred of shirt sleeves. He famously cut the sleeves of his jersey to make room for his massive guns. He was a power hitting big man that was one of the strongest players of his day. He lead the league with 49 homers and 141 RBIs in 1954. He hit 47 homers and struck out just 40 times in 1955, no else has ever hit 40 or more and struck out 40 or less times.

He was dominate in the mid 50’s hitting over 40 Hrs 3 times and over 100 RBIs 4 times. He also hit .300+ from 1952-56. His career was cut short by injuries. He would have been a solid 500 HR club contender if he had stayed healthy.

Not too bad for a quiet Saturday afternoon at grandpas.



5 responses to ““Big Klu” and friends, 1952 Topps style…

  1. Geez, all I get is commentary on his neighbors …

  2. That’s a nice Klu card. Maybe he’ll have a 52 Nuxhall for you in a few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

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