Best of the best…

The other day I was thinking about the ’52 Mantle and how in my mind it is no doubt the top card all time. Definitely the top Topps card. But what comes next?

I pressent to you my picks for the top 5 Topps cards all time. Keep in mind this is based on the cards, not who is the best player, granted that does play a huge factor. Anyway here we go.

This is te biggest no $#!* there is. The Mantle is king. It is the biggest card of the biggest player of the Topps era. There is not a single collector that wouldn’t jump over a pit of snakes to get their hands on this card. It is truely the king.

The Express was the top hobby guy in the late ’80s and early’90s. Right around the time he threw his 7th no hitter this card reached legendary status. I still get chills when I pick up my dad’s copy of the card. When he started to put together his collection of all tops sets and he pulled out the big rookies to show me my first question was, “Where’s the Ryan?”. It has cooled in recent years but is still a monster. Other cards may be more valuable but this is second only to Mantle in my mind.

As with anything Rose this is sure to cause controversy. Many were probably expecting Mays or Aaron, but card wise Rose gets the nod. His rookie was one of the first huge rookies of the modern era. He was the epitome of a ball player and this is the epitome of a ball players rookie card. When he broke the hit record this thing was on fire. It is also one of the most heavily counterfeited cards. To this day I would never buy a non graded version for that reason alone. Rose may have been tossed out of baseball in disgrace but his rookie is still a monster.

Aaron may be the bets hitter of the Topps era and is still the HR king in many folks eyes. I toyed with the idea of putting this card in this place.
Even though in my mind this isn’t based on value of the card I still couldn’t bring myself to give it the spot. The homerun king card is a true classic but the rookie card is ultimately king.

The last card will ne highly debated but no matter how I tried to talk myself out of it i kep coming back to this card.

This card gets this spot over many great cards. The ’52 Mays and the ’69 Jackson were the closest contenders. I almost swapped out the McGwire for the Jackson. But if I did it would be simply to avoid the backlash I am sure the McGwire will cause. I give this card #5 not on value or the fact McGwire is the 5th best player but due to the impact the card had on the hobby. Both in the late ’80s and again in ’98 this card ruled. McGwire was the biggest name in sports for several years and this card, 2 years before his next card would appear in ’87, is special. It look right to me sitting next to the other cards on the list. It’s a card that still gives me pause. That’s what this list is all about, the cards that stop you in your tracks. I mean it is a Supercard after all.

I am sure people will have their thoughts on this, and they are welcome. Feel free to pressent your top 5,but know that I am set on these so don’t try and talk me out of them or convince me other wise. These are MY top 5.



5 responses to “Best of the best…

  1. How did you pick the McGwire card over a Robinson RC?

  2. In my family, it’s “Nice Koosman”

  3. It’s hard to argue with your list – I definitely think Ryan is a clear 2nd, and I’d put Rose 3rd, as well. I’d probably go with the ’52 Mays and the ’54 Aaron. Another option could be the ’82 Traded Ripken – but the McGwire does have the uniqueness of being a USA card and thus it predates his other cards by two years and stands as the only RC.

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