Still underrated…

Justin Verlander just did something that hasn’t been done in 19 years, won MVP as a pitcher.

It is epic in so many ways. He put together 24 wins on the season, very impressive in the modern age of 3-4 relievers per game. The guy is the best pitcher in the game, hands down. He has 107 in 6 seasons and over 1200 strikeouts in the same time period, HOF pace.
Verlander needs to be in the conversation with the likes of Greg Maddux, Randy Johnson and tom Glavine.

He still doesn’t have all that much hobby stroke. His rookies sell well and have shown up on various hot lists of late, but he isn’t a marque guy. What does he need to do?
He comes from the earth shatteringly deep ’05 rookie card class. He is working his way up but is still not the top dog; Top five for sure, but on the lower end of the five. Fellow ’05er NL MVL Ryan Braun sells for a lot more, and he only won one award this year.

Justin isn’t alone though. Pitchers rarely get the stroke of their position player brethren. Look no further than my boy Lefty.
his cards carry stroke but not at the level of one of the games all time greats.

Verlander does have hope. His rookies may still be tippy top dogs yet. Just look at these two.
Both Nolan and Seaver’s card up there are monsters.

Hopefully Justin keeps it going and earns the hobby respect he deserves.


One response to “Still underrated…

  1. I think pitchers tend to have their value based more on their performance from age 30-40 than they do from age 20-30. It’s different for position players because we all love the long ball. Hitters tend to be exciting when they are young and fast and powerful. Watching an older, smart, crafty batter isn’t as fun. However, watching an older, smart, crafty pitcher baffle the young hitters is prime time entertainment.

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