What are you thankful for…

I hope everyone is able to get together with family for a nice safe and fun holiday.

As we eat our turkey and get ready to watch the Packers and Lions lets take a minute to give thanks to the hobby we love. Here is my list of what I am thankful for…

1952 Topps design
Whether an original, or one of the many re-dos
the design always look good and fresh. I am not sure there is a better looking retro platform for on-card autos.

1975 Topps
From the classic ’70s look to the great rookie class (four HOFers) this set rulled the entire decade and is still a top 10 set all time. I am also thankful that after over 20 years I have finally added a ’75 Brett and Yount to my collection.

1984 Donruss
This may be my favorite set all time.
The design was a quantum leap and the Mattingly rookie is a beast, still my favorite card in my collection.

1984 Eric Dickerson rookie
A great card of a great player with an awesome photo. As a kid that wore glasses Eric was somewhat of a hero.

Young guns
The greatest non-auto/relic rookie set.

The fact EEE is about to drop
I love Elite Extra Edition. It gets right to the the core of my prospector tendencies.

Wood grain card designs
Old and new it always looks good.

Finally adding a John Stockton auto to my collection
On-card to boot.

Kent Hrbek
Still my favorite player.

Picking up old school giants off ebay on the cheap.
There was a time those two cards would have cost me about $120 for both, I bought them on ebay for less than $5.

Busting wax
New stuff or old, it’s still the best thing about card collecting.


I am thankful for next year.
As a Minnesota sports fan that’s about all we have to keep us going.

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll



2 responses to “What are you thankful for…

  1. The Mattingly is in my top 3. Amazing card. Nice Hrbek card as well. Still wanting to go to his bar/restaurant at Target Field…

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