Cam Newton superfractor sales…

Both Topps chrome Cam newton superfractors sold on Thanksgiving. Both sold for less than I would have guessed.

The Auto version went for just shy of 8 grand.
I was sure it would hit $10,000. I guess his shoulder stiffness held it back a little. Still a pretty nice sum for something pulled from a 3 dollar pack.

The non-auto was really surprissing. It sold for just over $1,300. The guy that had it posted on the Beckett board that when he had it listed with a BIN he received an offer of something like $2,800. If true I am sure he is kicking himself.

I think with cards of that magnitude you have to do a quick auction right away to maximize profit. You need to sell before the frenzy dies. The longer it’s on ebay, and the more you re-list people have time to think. That’s not what you want when selling a card like this.



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