In a few hours the Cavs take on in state rival Va Tech in C-ville.
-Fun fact. My regular work parking spot is in the lower right hand corner of this photo.-

The rivalry has been one-sided (really really one-sided) for a long time. Typically the chickens foom Blacksburg beat the tar out of the Cavs. This year it shaping up to be a little different. The Cavs have a shot to beat Tech and head off to the ACC championship.

I have a ot of respect for VA Tech as a school. It is a great university and I have a number of good friends that work there. It also has the most ridiculously good food of any school I have ever visited, and I have been to a lot of schools. The dude that ran their housing and dinning was a huge food guy. They have a test kitchen in the basement of one of their dorms that looks like the set from a Food Network show.

Football wise I have a little less respect, one word sums it up, Vick.

The Cavs are lead into battle by coach London, a legit guy with a cool past. He came and spoke to the field staff in my division and was really cool.

Even if Tech wins the season is still a success. But don’t get me wrong, I still think the Hoos will come out victorious.

Heath and his fellow Cavs will be sending their mojo to the field. It should be an epic contest.

To the team from Mr. Jefferson’s University all I have to say is , WAHOOWA!



One response to “Wahoowa!

  1. Go Hokies!!! Good luck, man. It’s going to be a crazy game, I have a feeling.

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