It is mine…

People throw around the term white whale to describe a card they have been chasing for many years. A card that has continued to elude them. An object of pure obsession. For me I just landed one such card.

Since I was a kid I have coveted the ’75 Brett. Brett was a beast in the ’80s and had reached legendary status by the time I started collecting. There is something about the cards look that is so awesome. The crazy ’70s design and color scheme, the old school powder blue Royals uni and George looking tuff as hell.

For my father’s generation it doesn’t get any bigger than the ’52 Mantle. I would argue for my generation this is the pinnacle of rookie cards of the guys we grew up watching. He is the king of the late ’70s-early ’80s cardboard.

I got a sweet deal on the card. I payed right around $30. The top corners are sharp, the bottom corners have slight rounding. The centering is dead on. It has a printing mark, but that is pretty common on this set. The back is flawless.

He will take a place next to my ’83 Traded Strawberry, ’84 Donruss Mattingly and ’84 Fleer Update Puckett as my favorite cards in my collection.

This card seems alone with out his fellow rookie and good buddy Robin Yount. I bought one of his as well, and it should be here in a few days.



5 responses to “It is mine…

  1. Thumbs up for the ’75 Brett–a great card. Congrats on adding it to your PC.

  2. Congrats! What a great price. This one is VERY high on my want list.

  3. Fisk is a favorite of mine too, and I’m all about the 70’s. Finally got a ’72 Garvey, and now I have every year of his regular issue Topps card. That makes Schmidt’s rookie my new white whale.

  4. Nicely done! That’s one of my top-10 wants.

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