The Kid…

Topps dropped a bomb today when they announced they just signed Ken Griffey Jr. to an autograph deal. They gave a couple of preview images, this being my favorites.
I love the old school Mariners Uni, what a great picture from when the kid was a kid.

I have mixed feelings about this. Griffey has long been a partner with UD. Griffey and UD are like Topps and Mantle, it’s hard to imagine one without the other. The up side is we will get some new licensed autos of the future HOFer.

If Topps stays true to other recent auto signings get ready for a mess of Griffey autos this year.

Makes you wonder if Jeter is next.



5 responses to “The Kid…

  1. Please save us from even more Jeter cards…

  2. I wonder how many auto’s stars of today will have before they RIP. The value of autos will be so minimal.

  3. Funny you mentioned Mantle – remember in 1994 when he was actually an Upper Deck spokesman?

  4. What’s really nice is the Upper Deck Mickster and the kid’s autograph on the same card!

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