Playing favorites, 1991 edition…

Remember the good old days fellow Twins fans, the glorious time that was 1991. The Twins made a run for the ages and played the best WS all time. Game 7 couldn’t have been better if scripted by Hollywood.

That team will live i9n the hearts of Twins fans forever. Puckett, Morris and Herby may be the most often remembered names, but two other guys stand out as my favorite on that team, and they aren’t who you’d think.

The first guy led the team in homers and RBIs for the tea that season.
Chili had been around 10 years when he joined the Twins and made an immediate impact. Chili had a solid career hitting 350 homeruns. The most by a Jamaican in MLB history.

The second guy I loved on that team was this dude.
I loved Shane Mack. He was one of the first guys I remember wearing his pants down low over his cleats, and I thought it was so badass. Shane became a minor star the following year in ’92 hitting .315 and scoring over 100 runs. Mack was buddies with Kirby; he was one of the former Twins that flew to Kirby’s side right before he died.

Both of their RCs shown above have been in my collection since ’91 and are two of my favorite cards. The Shane Mack in particular.


2 responses to “Playing favorites, 1991 edition…

  1. How about Bob Brenly who looks more like a rookie coach than a player.

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