Where is Matt Wieters…

I was kind of surprised to see Matt Wieters win the gold glove behind the plate in the AL. I don’t disagree; I just hadn’t been paying that close attention to him this past season. I knew he was good, but didn’t know he was that good. For some reason the hobby seemed to have left him behind. I went online to see if there were any deals on his cards and noticed something strange, something very strange.

I saw a few cards I have like his ’07 EEE
a few minor league cards,
some UD autos and a few team USA cards, but…

Not a single Topps or Bowman card to be found. He has had a new card in like a year. No wonder he has fallen off collector wise.

What gives? Where is Matt?



5 responses to “Where is Matt Wieters…

  1. Wow, very weird. I looked up more info – weird stories abound:
    He’s signed by Razor, so Topps and UD can’t do autos of him unless they negotiate rights. Looks like UD did.
    Also there’s a FCB article I can’t get to load about Wieters originally having issues with Topps. He may not ever have signed with them – which is odd in this day in age. He does have an eTopps card but that’s it.

    • I knew a guy could have an exclusive auto deal but didn’t know they could for any cards. I mean since he as part of the MLBPA wouldn’t he have to have cards?

  2. I thought players could opt out of having the MLBPA represent them in likeness deals, etc. Didn’t Barry Bonds do that for a few years?

  3. Razor had an exclusive at one point, but it doesn’t appear to be in effect any more… I can only guess that he won’t sign with Topps for some reason (since Topps signs individual players and doesn’t go through the MLBPA).
    Just to see if anything’s changed for 2012, I searched for Topps Series 1, Opening Day and Heritage checklists, and he doesn’t appear to be in any of them.
    I had to make a custom 2011 Wieters card just to have something to put in my Orioles binder, looks like I’ll have to keep that up…

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