Massive auto…

When I was putting together my top 5 Topps cards I was thinking about top 5s and top this and thats. I started thinking about the best autos and one immediately came to mind.
I am not sure i would list it as the number auto, but it is my favorite auto card for a few reasons

1. It is from the early days of auto cards. At the time it was unobtainably awesome. Something you only heard about or saw in Beckett. It was extremely rare to pull any auto, let alone one of this caliber.

2. The Score Franchise design is great. It’s a mix of retro and timeless all in one. I really like the green.

3. The golden autographs.

4. Am honest to goodness Mantle on card auto!

5. The player selection is badass. Three of the top hitters all time, including 2 Triple Crown winners and another guy that came within a HR (a contested homer at that) of the crown. Combined they have 66 All Star appearances, 10 batting titles, 10 WS rings and 7 MVP awards.

There have been cut autos that have more impressive lineups but I am not aware of a more impressive on card auto lineup. Think about that, every example of this card passed trough the hands of those three guys.

It’s a true classic.



7 responses to “Massive auto…

  1. I actually saw one of these for sale on Craigslist a while back. Not exactly your typical everyday Craigslist ad.

  2. That’s an excellent card! Did you pull it from a pack?

  3. Great card. I pulled the single Yaz #’d to 2000 from a Series 2 box I opened 2 years ago. 2000 doesn’t seem like much nowadays, but in 1990 Score it is like a needle in a haystack.

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