Allen and Ginter ideas, and a tribute…

Yesterday on the Ron and Fez show Ron Bennington relayed the message that comedian Patrice O’Neal had passed away. Patrice had been in a coma brought on by a seizure back in October. For those that aren’t familiar with him check out his stuff on youtube.

He was one of the funniest and truly un-apologetic guys in comedy. He took the path HE wanted, not what was popular or mainstream. If he thought there was funny to be had, he went there. He was best known for his truly unique view of the world, but he was also a great physical comedian. He had a delivery and facial expressions that really emphasized what he was saying. He could have you rolling with a simple shrug of the shoulders or a preciously placed sigh or an, “Ehhhhh”.
He also had the best laugh ever.

He was considered by some to be offensive and foul, but I am a firm proponent of free speech and strongly feel you need people that aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of social norms. With our musicians more interested in their hairdos and personal vodka brands that task falls to the comics. Patrice pushed some boundaries.

I have long been a proponent of stand up as a true performance art. It is something created to evoke an emotional response. It is more than funny words or funny stories; to do it well requires timing, an understanding of language and communication beyond simple conversation and knack for twisting something in a slightly new direction.

This is a card site so where am I going with all this. A&G has had some really cool insert sets honoring different groups. I say why not one honoring the people that make us laugh. Here are my selections for the set.

Patrice O’Neal
Richard Pryor
George Carlin
Lewis Black
Bill Cosby
Joan Rivers (don’t scoff, few can come close to her comedic timing, it is perfect)
Chris Rock
Don Rickles
John Stewart
Redd Foxx
Steven Wright
Dom Irrera
Louis C.K.

That is my list of the top of my head, who else?

One last thing on Patrice, he does have a connection to one aspect of the sport card world. He was once a writer for the WWE



17 responses to “Allen and Ginter ideas, and a tribute…

  1. I’d add Robin Williams, Steve Martin, and Bob Saget to the list.

  2. I’ll add The Seinfeld cast and The Marx Brothers.

  3. If this is truly about art, you cannot leave off Mitch Hedberg. I’ve wanted a Mitch Hedberg A&G card for quite some time now.

    Don’t scoff at Robin Williams. He is one of the great stand-up performance artists of all-time. He has better command and delivery of language than hald of the people you listed. He may not be as funny as all of them, but he is far more artistically talented.

    I second the note about Joan Rivers. She is hilarious.

    Last one out would be Jeff Dunham, mainly because his ventriloquism is very much an art.

    I’d also add Frank Caliendo, but only if he appears as John Madden.

  4. I guess I skimmed. My guys aren’t stand-ups. Unless you count Jerry on his own. Sorry. They still deserve cards, though.

  5. I forgot Stephen Lynch. Definitely artistic and funny.

  6. That’s a pretty solid list you have there. I agree with adding Mitch Hedberg & Steve Martin. And I guess you’d have to add Jerry Seinfeld even though his bigger contribution to comedy and pop culture is his show, not his act.

    But 2 essential guys you need to add to the list/set are Lenny Bruce and Bill Hicks. Along with Carlin, those are the 3 titans imo.

  7. I am with folks on Mitch Hedberg. He could have a subset with Steven Wright.

    I am not a Robin WIlliams fan. His delivery is too over the top and theatric for me to really get behind him as a great stand-up. The greats are guys that have the respect of other comics, and Robin Williams lacks real respect.

    Hicks should get a nod too, I am juts not a fan.

    I guess with Robin Williams and guys like Seinfeld I make a distinction between great comics vs successful comics. It’s not always the same thing.

    I would also add a card focused on Boston, so many solid dudes came out of ’80’s Boston.

  8. I’m back. Birthday boy, Woody Allen. He had a great stand-up act in the mid 1960’s. If you’ve never heard him, here’s a taste,

  9. Sam Kinison

  10. Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy.

  11. Jeff Foxworthy, Adam Carolla, Kevin Pollak, Bob Zany, Jimmy Pardo, Tim Allen, and/or Mike Birbiglia could all fit within this set.

  12. And Jim Gaffigan! How did I forget about Jim Gaffigan?


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