More ’70s awesomeness…

I have been on a ’70s HOF rookie kick as of late. Here is the latest.

Not nearly as cool looking of a card as the ’75 set but still a badass card. Dave is a truly great athlete, being drafted in football baseball and b-ball. Oh yeah, he is also a product Minnesota.

He put together some solid number, 3,110 and 1,833 RBIs, both top 20 all time, good enough to earn him a place in Cooperstown. Unfortunately he is as well known for his struggles in the fall as his numbers.

Looking at his rookie I noticed he looks about the same there as he did in the later ’80s. Even though brown and yellow haven’t aged well as a color combo it does have a certain amount of charm.

Fun fat from wikipedia, “Winfield was born the same day Bobby Thomson hit his pennant-winning home run for the New York Giants, known as the shot heard ’round the world”. Double fun because before I even knew that I scanned this card,
at the same time for use in a future post.



6 responses to “More ’70s awesomeness…

  1. That’s a pretty well centered Winfield.

  2. You need a Eddie Murry RC while you are on this 70 HOF kick?? I have one to trade.

  3. I always liked the ’74 set, even though it is pretty simple. I think the only HOF I have from that year is Schmidt. He is pre-mustache on that card. So weird!

  4. That Dave Winfield card realllly makes me want to go out and grab some mcdonalds! @Wade, Mike Schmidt without a mustache is about as wrong as Chuck Norris without his beard.

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