More A&G suggestions…

While on the Allen and Ginter subset ideas I decided to pull a draft that has been sitting around for a while.
In addition to being a card collector and fan of stand-up i am also somewhat of sci fi nerd, specifically with my reading (not that I get too do much reading with two little ones in the house.) I think a set with character from classic sci fi novels, movies and TV would be pretty sweet. Here is my list of character:

Prince Vultan (Flash Gordon)
William Mandella (The Forever War)
John Perry (Old Mans war) There could be an SP version of Old John.
The planet Arrakis (Dune)
William Riker
The Enterprise (original series)
Frank Chalmers (Red Mars)
Bishop (Aliens)
John Carter (A Princess of Mars)
Rama (Rendezvous with Rama, etc…)
The Monolith (2001)
Rick Deckard (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep/Blade Runner)
Martian Tri-pod (The War of the Worlds)
The Time Traveler (The Time Machine)
The Doctor (Doctor Who, the 7th Doctor)
Hank Morgan (A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court)
Kyle Reese (The Terminator)
Starbuck (Battlestar Galactica)
Billy Pilgrim (Slaughter House Five)
Felix Hoenikker (Cats cradle)

I would also do a set of Sci Fi authors
Arthur C Clarke
HG Wells
Frank Herbert
Isaac Asimov
Kurt Vonnegut
Ray Bradbury
Robert Heinlein
Philip K Dick
John Scalzi (granted he lacks the cred of the others, but hey they put Christian Laettner on the Dream Team so I am putting Scalzi here, plus Old Man’s War is one of my favorites)

I would also have a card with Heinlein, Asimov and Clarke as the three masters of Sci Fi.

Kinda nerdy I know, but then again it’s not like card collecting isn’t nerdy.


9 responses to “More A&G suggestions…

  1. Martin Prince: As your president, I would demand a science-fiction library, featuring an ABC of the genre. Asimov, Bester, Clarke-

    Wendell: What about Ray Bradbury?

    Martin Prince: I’m aware of his work…

  2. Good to see the Doctor getting some love, though I think they would probably go with the 4th (if they go classic, Baker seems to be the most popular overall) or the current incarnation.

  3. Walter Bishop (Fringe) would be a great card.

  4. How about Burroughs as the grandfather of sci fi. It would work out pretty well with the new John Carter movie coming out.

    I know he doesn’t fit on any of your lists but there needs to be a card of Digger Doug Gust. He fits in as a “Worlds Greatest”.

    2006 – Champion – WPSA ATV Tour
    2006 – Second Overall – AMA ATV Pro Motocross Championship
    2005 – Second Overall – AMA ATV Pro Motocross Championship
    2004 – Champion – AMA ATV Pro Motocross Championship
    2003 – Champion – AMA ATV Pro Motocross Championship
    2002 – Champion – Darren Naccaratto Memorial Race
    2002 – Champion – 12 Hours of America Race
    1999 – Champion – GNCC Grand National
    1989 – Champion – Texas State Arenacross Championship
    1987 – Champion – Lake County Motocross Championship

  5. Old Man’s War and the follow-up novel (not the third, though) were very enjoyable reads. I think I’d like to see William Gibson included in your list; although I’m not a total fanboy of the cyberpunk genre of sci-fi, he has definitely got to get some recognition.

    • Gibson has never been my cup of tea so I left him off, but I ma sure he would make such a set.

      You didn’t like The Last Colony? I kinda dug it.

      • It’s just a retelling of book 2, and I had too many other books to read to go through that again, even from a different perspective. Very much like the first two, though.

  6. Kinda like Enders Game and Enders Shadow

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