Are you ready for some…

The whole agreement deal in the NBA really hammered home the casualness of my basketball fandom. Sure I enjoy watching a game here and there, especially the playoffs, and I always appreciate another set of stats and standing to follow. I am looking forward to the season kicking off on Christmas, but truth is I will probably lose interest in early January.

The best part about the season is the opportunity for the Bulls to pick up another championship.
Reigning MVP Rose is a beast and on his way to becoming THE premier player in the league, sorry Lebron. Noah is always fun to watch and a proven winner. I would love to see them hoisting the trophy at the end of the shortened season. On the Rose front I still love this card.

The down side is the fact I will have to see the Wolves crap the bed again. The one bright spot is Mr. love and his double double powers.
I love watching Love when I get the chance and his SPA rookie is one of my favorite modern cards in the ol’ collection.

There may be hope for the Wolves. 2nd year player Wesley Johnson and rookie wunderkind Ricky Rubio can hopefully make things interesting and bring home a few more wins.
We will also get to see how number 2 pick Derrick Williams does in the bigs.

I also hope Demar has a good season. He is a fun player to watch and seems like good dude.

We will also get to see if this guy can continue the hype.
Dunks are fine and all but lets see if he can lead the Clippers to the promise land of the post season.

I guess most exciting is we will finally get some new bball cards. I hope Panini goes a similar route with Classis this season.
This draft class isn’t the strongest, kinda like last years class minus John Wall so we will so how things go.



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