Holy Crapolo…

Panini dropped some images of cards in the upcoming Gold Standard football. There were some cool autos, some of their gold piece cards like we saw in bball last year and something new.
Cards commemorating the 4 teams with the most rings. Each card has a ring with a diamond for each of their Super Bowl wins. The four teams are the Steelers, with 6, The 49ers and cowboys with 5 each and the Packers with 4.

These are pretty badass. I like that they are simply cards of the team and not individual players. As a Steelers fan I would love one of these, but they should prove to be extremely rare. Based on the rabid fan base of these 4 teams i can imagine these selling for insane amounts.

They also have auto cards with one diamond of a handful of SB MVPs, Montana, Brady, Aikman, Rodgers, Elway and Bradshaw.
I like the inclusion of Bradshaw; you don’t see him on cardboard as much as the other 5 guys.

Panini is all about the bling I guess.


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