Trade with Greg…

I am not the biggest trader on the interwebs, not because I don’t like too or anything, I just don’t do it that often. A few weeks ago I opened some Topps update and found a cognac Matt Kemp all star and knew it had to go west. I e-mailed Greg and he said he had something to send my way in return. I pulled together a stack of Dodgers and tossed them in an envelope. Then I proceeded to get sick, so my cards from Greg arrived well before he got mine. Sorry Brother.

He wouldn’t tell me what it was but said he picked it up just for me. Greg is a solid dude and one of my favorite fellow bloggers. Here is what he sent me.

This may have been my favorite card of the stack.
I love Chris Carter, watching him and moss tear up the league in ’98 is one of my favorite football memories. I also just picked up a John Randle rookie from the same year so he and Chris will look awesome together.

Next was this
I am not a fan of mini but this is a sweet looking card. The scrolly black border deal they did with the ’10 set really did a lot to liven up the look of these cards. This was a perfect trade inclusion by Greg. It’s something I wouldn’t have picked up on my own but now that I have it I am really glad it’s in the collection.

The show piece was this dude.
The Vikes are having a rough go of things, but this is a sweet looking card of the rookie TE. Plus he did find the endzone yesterday so that’s always cool.

Thanks to Greg for the sweet cards. I hope you enjoy your stack.



2 responses to “Trade with Greg…

  1. Thanks for the trade! Your bubbler arrived today, I’ll bust it open in the next day or two and have a post up this weekend!

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