More ’70s greatness…

I picked up my Brett rookie a few weeks ago and he seemed alone with out his good buddy Robin Yount, so I got ne of those too.
I love the Yount card. It’s another card I have lusted after since I was a kid. I remember my dad buying one at some little rinky-dink show for like $40 and looking at it on the car ride him with such envy. for some reason I always liked the high tension power line tower in the back ground, it’s almost a ghostly image or something.

In my mind the ’75 Brett and Yount are a pair, it doesn’t seem right to have with out the other, just look.

The Brett is in far better shape. The black line on top left corner of the photo on the Yount is actually an eyelash that was on the scanner. I was too lazy to rescan it. It has a banged up corner but for the price I paid it’s not that big a deal.

I have a few more ’70s dude on the way, and a late ’60s rookie of a recent HOFer.



2 responses to “More ’70s greatness…

  1. I’m loving all these 70’s updates. Yount and Brett make a great rookie pair, but I always think of Carew when I think of Brett even though he’s got several years on both these guys. Add him to the mix though, and you have a killer triple threat.

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