Miami Heat 2.0…

The various baseball pundits are all a buzz about the massive offer Miami made to Pujols. I believe it is roughly two trillion dollars over 135 years, epic by anyone definition.

They also signed Jose Reyes to a 6-year deal, giving them to legit super stars at shortstop. The Marlins say they won’t trade Hanley Ramirez, so maybe one will pull an ARod and step over a little bit to third. If they land Pujols Miami will have themselves two super teams.

I was going through the old collection and saw these two cards hanging out together. Perhaps my collection is some sort of soothsayer.
I always loved the look of 2001 Topps Stars set.

Even if they land Pujols I still can’t find myself getting excited about the Marlins. I know they have two WS in their short lifetime in MLB but they may be the team in all of sports I care about least. I can honestly say I have never come across a Marlins fan.

Then again with crazy Ozzie as skipper it may get interesting real fast down in FLA.


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