This past weekend a couple of guys that have been pretty quiet had monster days. Guys that either started strong a year or so ago and then fell back in the pack, or guys that simple had yet to make any noise.

The guys I was most happy to see light it up was Minnesota’s own Percy Harvin.
Percy has had some success but Migraines and nagging injuries have slowed him down over the last two years. All that changed on Sunday. Harvin put on a show and almost brought the purple ones a win. When healthy he is a human highlight wheel that is a duel threat. Maybe he got tired of seeing the success his former Gator’s teammate Tebow has been having? No matter the reason I hope he keeps it up.

In the same game this dude finally proved his spot as a first round pick.
This card is just one in a long line of jinxed ebay purchases. I got it for a few bucks last year right before he tore his achilles. Sunday he showed he was all better going for 144 yards on 4 catches and 2 TDs. not bad considering his QB is Tebow. Fun fact, Thomas was drafted 22nd overall in the 2010, same position as Harvin the year before.

This guy tore it up a few years ago in the playoffs and cooled off since.
He picked up 88 rushing yards with another 26 receiving and a fantasy killing 3 TDs. Too bad he plays for the Jets.

The final guy I only care about because I pulled this card last season.
Mathews will hopefully break 1000 rushing yards for the season after his second week in a row with over 100. He tacked on a score for good measure.

Now I just need this guy to tear it up.



One response to “Resurgence…

  1. That Mathews is oh so sick!

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