Dream of Californication…

It was just announced Pujols signed with the Angels for roughly 23 trillion dollars.
The contract is for 10 years. Going to the AL make sense for Albert. As he ages he can slide into a DH spot.

I have no problem with the move. I don’t have any venom for guys that move for a bigger pay check or what ever reason. That is their business. I am a little bummed he went to the Angels though, just because it’s such a boring team. Even when they are winning games they just seem so blah. Recently they seem to have become a retirement home for aging sluggers.

I feel for Kendrys Morales. No doubt he just lost his starting 1st base job.


6 responses to “Dream of Californication…

  1. With his track record of odd injuries. Hopefully Morales doesn’t poke an eye out drying his tears. Yes, it’s a little mean but still funny.

  2. Morales and Pujols will share DH/1B. the signing means more for Mark Trumbo than for Morales.

  3. As a Cubs fan I’m certainly happy today. Good luck in the AL Albert. This is also good news for anyone in the NL whose career numbers would have been surpassed by Pujols.

  4. Maybe Torii Hunter can get a ring now. I hope so.

  5. Kendrys only recently was cleared to start jogging again. I bet he’s more concerned about ever playing again period than a starting job right now.

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