I hate it when…

I have been peaking around the web, message boards, editorials, blogs etc, checking out peoples take on Pujols and his move to the Angels.

Two things struck me.

First was the realization that none of the typical players (Red Sox and Yankees) were anywhere to be seen during the courtship of Prince Albert. You can argue both teams have solid guys at 1st so they don’t need him, but remember the Yanks signed ARod when they already has a top notch short stop. I don’t have any hate for either team I just think it’s interesting.

Second thing is something that has always bothered me. I hate when folks write or say things to the effect of “…I wouldn’t have done it for just a little more money.” or “…I can’t believe he left for just (fill in the amount).”
Lets look at Pujols deal. He will make around 25 million a year in LA. St. Louis appears to have been offering somewhere between 20-23 million. Anyone who questions why needs to ask themselves what they would do for an extra 2-5 million dollars. That is major cash right there. As fans we get emotional but to a player this is their job, and the reason we have jobs is to make money.

I have no problem with his move; sure I would have preferred he landed in Minnesota, but whatever.



7 responses to “I hate it when…

  1. 2-5 Million a Year??? I would go for lesser reasons as well….

  2. 2-5 million is a huge amount of money to me or anyone else with a five-figure annual salary.

    An extra 2-5 million when you’re already making at least $20 million a year? It might not even be a 10 percent raise. Would you definitely pack up your family and move halfway across the country for a new job with a 10 percent raise?

    I’m not saying I wouldn’t, or that Pujols shouldn’t have taken the money… but let’s not pretend that 2-5 million means the same thing to him as it would to most people.

  3. I’m with Paul. I have a hard time believing he left St. Louis just for 2-5 million. There’s something else driving him.

  4. I think he had to just like LA more for some reason. I read a report that the Marlins offered 275 and he turned them down. Not only was it 23 million more than LA offered but Flordia has no state income tax which would have brought his take home up even more.

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