Sleeping with the enemy…

My esteemed colleague from the 2nd best university in the commonwealth sent me a little package. It was sent shortly after the boys from Blacksburg killed the gentlemen from C-ville, so I was a little worried.

I opened the package and this fell out.
Pretty sweet, maybe I need my own stickers.

I could tell there was a graded card and after a conversation a few months ago about crappy graded cards I knew this had to be a beauty.

It was.
It has so much going for it. It’s Kirby so automatically it’s a win. It’s from the ultra rare year of 1987. I mot sure you have tried to find any ’87 cards, but they are hard to come by.

The grade is dead on, this is %100 a gem mint ten. Sure it has a banged up corner, but that’s so minor it’s hardly worth mentioning. I mean it was graded by a professional. The case is top notch. It lightly cradles the card, allowing it to slide around slightly; it’s a dynamic approach to card security.

This is a card I truly appreciate.

I also got this dude.
I nice looking auto card of former Hoo Ras-I Dowling. This s only my third signed card of a dude in the blue and orange.

Spankee is a guy I consider a true friend in the blog-o-sphere. Thanks a ton for these cards. They have found a nice home and will be appreciated.



3 responses to “Sleeping with the enemy…

  1. I had a feeling you would appreciate the most perfectest Kirby ever created. That should be a lesson in not buying those “3 packs plus one graded card” things they have at the big box stores every now and then.

    As for second best university in the Commonwealth, I’ll take it. After all, William and Mary was founded in the 1600s. Hard to beat that.

    • The second I typed the 2nd best comment I knew you would go the William and Mary route, I almost addressed it in the post but decided to let you have your fun.

  2. haha, nice. I’ve been doing this VT-UVA thing for a very long time now, so you know I’ll find whatever loophole I can.

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