Who’s the big winner?

Back in 2007 Upper Deck had a promotion in their baseball set called Predictors. Inserted in packs were cards of various players predicted to win MVP, Cy Young and ROY. If you got the card of the dude that eventually won their respective award you won a special edition of either series 1 or 2 UD baseball.

My son was born in ’07 so I spent a ton of time that summer building as many sets to one day pass along to my little man. As a result I opened a mess of ’07 UD and had a mess of predictors cards. One of them being an MVP predictor of Mr. Jimmy Rollins. I didn’t think much of it and just tossed it in the binder. later that fall after the awards were announced I was flipping through and saw Jimmy. I sent it off and a few weeks later a set of series 1 arrived from UD. I was a little bummed I hadn’t won a series two with the Lincecum rookie, but hey free cards are free cards. I cracked it open and much to my delight the short printed rookies that occupied the numbers between the two series were included. With such ’07 hobby heavy weights as Dice-K, Alex Gordon and Hunter Pence.
The cards have blue highlight unique to the MVP Predictors set. There were also a purple and green set, but I think the blue was the best looking.

It’s a pretty cool set and even cooler knowing it was a free prize.

Alex came on strong this past season earning his way back in collectors favor and coming out of the season with a gold glove. Making his card even nicer.
The blue looks great with the Royal’s uni, doesn’t it.



One response to “Who’s the big winner?

  1. As I recall, i pulled a card that was for the AL ROY award and it was a wild card, basically anyone that didn’t have one of the cards. Dustin Pedroia ended up winning and I got a series 2 set. I never opened up so I wonder if I have those same rookie cards in mine.

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