Year in review, part one…

As we roll towards the end of 2011 I wanted to put together a series of posts looking bat at the best, more memorable and maybe even worst of the past 12 months.

I will mix it up between general hobby stuff, blog specific stuff and some of my own personal bests of the year.

Let us start with a topic from my own collecting year, that is my Best Hit of the Year

I will start with an honorable mention. Depending upon how well he does when he finally takes the reigns this has the potential to be the best hit in retrospect down the road.
Time will tell.

The 2nd runner up is from a slightly older product, but since I busted in the ’11 calendar year it qualifies.

I pulled this from a 30 dollar box of Razor Letterman and it was a huge surprise because I didn’t realize he was included in the product.
An auto of the hit king himself, Mr. Pete Rose.

Tough to beat that guy but here is the 1st runner up.
This guy isn’t as good as Pete, but the fact it was a 1/1 of a pretty decent star makes it number two overall.
Not my favorite card by a shot but still a monster pull by anyone’s standards.

The top pull of the year is a no-brainer in my book. It’s an auto of a guy I really like and had been wanting one of his autos for years so it made the pull all that much sweeter. It was a redemption so when it finally arrived it was almost like pulling it twice.

It has it all. A cool design, it’s of one of the top dogs in his sport, it is low numbered (to 10) and is an auto. Rose is ne of those few guys that even his non-rookie autos command well over 100 bucks.

Hands down my best of the year. All and all I have had a great year pull wise.

So what about ya’ll, what was your top hit of the year?



5 responses to “Year in review, part one…

  1. My best pull this year was probably a Ken Griffey Jr. auto out of a box of 2006 Ovation.

  2. I don’t bust wax often anymore, but those are some nice hits.

  3. I pulled a 2008 Allen and Ginter mini wood (1/1) of Posada last week. Couldn’t believe it!

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