Even more ’70s greatness…

I continue my quest for great rookie cards of the ’70s. This next one is a biggie.

Around the early ’90s Carlton Fisk was moving towards retirement and almost certain enshrinement in Cooperstown. As a result demand for his rookie cards jumped. As a kid with limited cash flow the $100+ price tag was out of reach. I could only marvel from the other side of the card show display-case glass.

As with most things cardboard related the price has come down in recent years. I was able to land a solid copy for just a little over $20.
Pretty nice.

These are pretty easy to find well centered, much easier than other early ’70s releases. The green background does have a tendency to fade, this one isn’t too bad in that respect. It is an almost theatrical looking design with the little stars and marque style lettering up top. I like it. The card has a little wax stain on the back, but that adds to the nostalgia.

Fisk is a beast even if he played for two of my least favorite teams.

Bonus Cecil Cooper rookie. A five time All Star and star in his own right.


5 responses to “Even more ’70s greatness…

  1. I just grabbed one of these too–it’s a great multiplayer RC, up there with the likes of Trammell/Molitor, among others. Looks like you got a pretty nice copy, too.

  2. This was one of the 1st rookie cards I purchased when I got back into collecting after college.

  3. Even the third guy, Mike Garman, wasn’t a bust. He played until 1978 and even appeared in the 1977 World Series for the Dodgers.

  4. You keep staying one step ahead of me on the 70’s guys. I didn’t see a Fisk rookie at our local card show today, but I did find a NM ’79 Fisk in the 25 cent box!

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