I have stated many times my love of non-auto/relic rookies, in particular my love of players with one single rookie card. An increasingly rare occurrence. You really need to go back to the ’70s to reach a time when it was common practice to have a single RC. But form time to time their are exceptions.

John Randle is one such case. Randle was an undrafted free agent in 1990. As a result he didn’t have a card until a late season update released by Pro Set the following year.

The simple design and great action shot make it a thing of beauty.

I only recently added this to my collection, and it is one of the last great single rookie card examples in football. Randle is a HOFer and one of the keys to the great ’98 Vikings team. He was best none for wearing war paint during games and his crazy taunting of opposing players.

It’s only fitting that current madman Jarred allen found his way to Minny to continue on the tradition of Viking wildman sack machine.


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