I love Goooooold…Standard…

A few months ago Panini released Gold Standard Basket ball. A bold name for a pretty cool set. A few days ago Gold Standard Football hit the streets and the fine folks from Texas were nice enough to send me a box to share with ya’ll.

This is a higher end affairs, one pack per box and will run you around $175-$200. These seem to be selling for a good bit more than bball, I would imagine it is due to the strong rookie class in football. For the price you get 12 cards, three of which should be autos.

The base cards are cool.
I like the pattern in the background, it is very regal. The cards have a rainbow/mirror shine to them that works well with the design. They are numbered to 299.

Is it just me or does it look like Amante is about to drop that ball.

They also have base rookies.
Same basic deal as the base with the little rookie tag. These are also numbered to 299. One nice touch is they appear to all have rookies in their unis. I haven’t seen any in combine gear like many sets.

The cards back are also nice.
I applaud the use of a different picture on back, but really at this price i would expect that kind of detail.

In the base they also have legends, I got this guy.
Not too bad, but I would have preferred someone that won a ring, but whatever.


Not a bad looking card. These look even better with relics.
a solid relic card if you ask me.

They also have a set featuring the 50th anniversary logos of various teams. See 50 is the golden anniversary…get it.
These also have auto and relic versions including a really sweet Jared Allen I would love to track down someday.

I also got a Hall of Gold Relic. Near as I can tell this is a set of HOFers.
I will always remember Thurman Thomas for misplacing his helmet during the Super Bowl in Minny. An OK design but I think the Gold Leaf Rookies are a much nicer design.

The autos

I got two base rookie autos.
Too bad I’m not a Bucks fan. These are nice looking base autos, no complaints. Interestingly enough these are two of the highest numbered cards in the box, both to 499.

The top dog was this beauty
I am a fan. I really like the black background with the silver ink. I have to wonder why they didn’t go with gold ink.

This was the highest numbered card of the lot at 525, almost twice as high as the base, weird.

Nice looking cards but a big roll of the dice. There are so major hits to be found with gold cards and the like. With this years strong class you have a nice chance at pulling one of the bigger dogs.



9 responses to “I love Goooooold…Standard…

  1. Horrific box break. Will those cards cover the cost of shipping?

  2. I could never swing that kind of money for one pack/box, but I’d be ticked if I did and that was what I pulled.

  3. I am a Bucs fan! You must of got my box! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. i like that greg little. up for trade?

  5. send me an e-mail, you can have them both.

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