Guess what…more ’70s…

There are so many great rookies from the ’70s. For guys and gals of my generation the legends of our youth come from that mystical decade.

One the more famous from the latter part of the ’70s is a rookie of not one but two stars.
It’s a shame that this has slowly become better known as the Moliter rookie as his HOFer status overshadows his buddy Alan.

The card it’s self is pretty blah. It’s not the most memorable or celebrated design of the ’70s and the colors on their photos in particular are very washed. Moliter’s almost looks black and white. As with most older cards they were prone to being off center and printing issues. My copy is pretty well centered but has a major printing smudge on the bottom.

I have had this card for many years so it’s not one of the new ebay pick-ups.



4 responses to “Guess what…more ’70s…

  1. Let’s not forget the immmortal Mickey Klutts, he of such possimpible awesomeness that he had a rookie card in 1977 as well.

  2. Such a great card. I agree about the overshadowing. Always a big Tram fan.

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