The right stuff…

Football is all about the “skill” positions. QB, WR and RB. Maybe a TE here and there and from time to time a safety or LB. It’s very rare a lineman carries any stroke, especially an offensive lineman. There is one exception.
I love this card; have since I was a kid. I guess it goes back to a love of the unsung guys. The guys that get just as beat up and bruised but don’t show up in the sports page the next day. The guys that claw and fight to open a hole only to have the RB celebrating in the endzone.

Munoz was a beast, one of the true great players all time. He was an 11-time pro-bowler and 11-time all-pro. And both of those were 11 years in a row. All that in just 13 full seasons. To my knowledge the only o-lineman to have a rookie card that anyone cares about.

In the ’80s my dad and got a huge kick buying ’81 Topps rack packs an Shinders, a local card shop chain. The goal was LTs RC and Montano’s second year but in the process I got this guy. i remember my dad looking over my shoulder and saying, “hold on to that guy, he is really good”. I have followed that advice for over 20 years.

Fun fact. Munoz was in the movie The Right Stuff playing Gonzales, the orderly at Loveless Clinic that Alan Sheppard pisses off. I always really liked that character in the movie and didn’t know it was Munoz until I did a Wikipedia check for this post.

Bonus fun fact. I am pretty sure that is Cris Collinsworth on the front of Munoz’s card up there.

A great card of a truly great player.



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