Thar she blows…

We all have our “white whales”. Cards we have been chasing for years. I recently landed one of mine. Not so much a specific card but a card of a specific dude. An on card auto of Stan “The Man” Musial. Here it is.
To once again quote my son, Boo-yah!

Stan is one of the all time greats, up there with Mays and Mantle, but his autos can be had for just a fraction of the other guys. I scored this guy for just a little over fifty bucks.

This is a double score in that it’s form the epic “The Franchise” insert set from the early ’90s hand numbered to 2000. The simple green design and sweet gold auto makes this just too cool for school.

A classic card of a classic player, a truly great card.


3 responses to “Thar she blows…

  1. Just a fantastic card. That card is leaps and bounds above any autos that come out these days.

  2. Any Musial autograph is cool but that is an especially nice one. Congrats!

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