They just let him get away.
Mauer has had some monster years and then some kinda crappy years, same with Morneau. When the MVPs let us down one guy has been consistently solid, Virginia’s own Michael Cudyer. He was the only thing worth mentioning from last years disaster of a season.

I have no ill feelings towards the man, he did what he had to do. I will miss him. He was one of my favorite guys on the team. I would put him up there with Hrbek as one of my all time favorite Twins.

If you are a Rockies fan consider yourself lucky.

I just hope the Twins know what they are doing.



8 responses to “Noooooooooooooooooooooooo…

  1. I wanted him to stay so bad, but not for 31 mil over 3 years. Willingham for 10 mil less over 3 is a better deal. He will be missed in my family though.

  2. Honestly I am not thrilled that the Rockies signed him either as I too would’ve preferred Willingham or Carlos Beltran. I’m not a Twins follower, but I just don’t see Cuddyer as being anywhere close to worthy of 3/31.5 mil. Maybe 24, and 27 was pushing it, but for 10.5 million a year I think we could have gotten more.

  3. He’s a good clubhouse guy, who’s good for the organization with community work as well. Helps that he has a cannon of an arm. That price was too steep though.

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