I don’t get it…

I came across this card on ebay

I am not a huge fan of cut-autos. I kinda like some cut autos of deceased players and understand the concept. I am not at all a fan of cuts of dudes still signing. I especially dislike cuts that are cut up pieces of other cards, it’s just so silly.

My big question on this one is there is clearly more room for the cut so why cut Mookie’s face in half. I just don’t get it.



6 responses to “I don’t get it…

  1. They probably used a bit too much of the card as it is… I don’t believe Tri-Star had a license with MLB when this set was made, and it clearly shows the full New York Mets logo. I doubt they bothered to secure the rights to that particular photo, even if they did have the ok to use Mookie Wilson’s likeness.

    Cut signature cards are fine if they’re being used to present index card autographs or check signatures in a way that’s a little more friendly to today’s collectors. They should not be a vehicle for the destruction of other signed cards or photos.

    • I don’t even like the index card autos. Cuts focus too much attention on the auto. It’s not longer a card that is autographed, it becomes an autograph that is a card.

  2. That card doesn’t even look real. It looks like someone tried to make one on their own. Good grief!

  3. Preaching to the choir.

  4. I have a Earl Battey cut as well as a Bob Allison cut. They both are done right though, and look awesome. I wont buy a cut unless the player doesn’t have any certified non cut auto’s. It also has to be clean looking, which a lot of them are not these days.

  5. Tri-Star might’ve used a 1981 rookie card with more than one signature, so had to crop it back to only Mookie’s auto. Hubie Brooks was the middle panel, another guy with Mets collector appeal, and he might’ve written onto Mookie’s picture.

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