Kindness of bloggers…

When I busted and reviewed the box of Dominion from Panini a few months ago Justin from The Hopeful Chase asked about a trade for the Lecavalier jersey card. For the most part if anyone asks about a card from one of the sponsored breaks I just give it to them. I got his address and sent it off.

A few days ago he sent me an e-mail asking if I was interested in an eTopps Mauer. I said sure. I got home from work on Thursday and a massive bubble mailer was waiting inside was a pile of cool stuff from my man in Chi-town.

First off is the Mauer. I have always liked eTopps so this is cool.

He also sent me some Vikings stuff.
The good old days when they had a solid and consistent QB.

I always liked this year of UD Football and Troy was a player for a few years there.

This is one of my all time favorite relic sets, so very cool.

These were very timely with the start of the abbreviated NBA season getting ready to roll.
A mess of KG cards. I really like the clear plastic on the EX card and the superstars of the court card has a great look and classic shot of KG.

I also got KGs buddy.
This card was once cool because he was a legit star. Now it’s cool because he is a legit crazy person.

Finally is this guy.
Foye had some solid years in Minny and will now most likely back up Chris Paul in LA. A very cool card.

Big thanks to Justin. This was a very nice surprise.



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