Tell your tale…

A few months ago I added the Top Card Gallery to the blog. Allowing you the faithful readers to brag and share your top card.

Three of my fellow bloggers, and three of my favorite trade partners, sent along their stories. Allow me to share one here on the front page. I randomly picked one and unfortunately it was a VA Tech fan, Spankee. Here is his top card.


I know you are probably thinking that the ’89 Upper Deck Griffey RC is the only Griffey worthy of the “Top Card” title. The ’89 Donruss Griffey RC, however, defines what card collecting is all about for me. I was too young and poor to afford the Upper Deck rush when Griffey stole the show, so I had to settle for Donruss. I saved up my allowance and any other money I came across just to be able to rip a pack. I told the LCS shopkeeper that I was going to get the Griffey. I chose the front left stack, third pack down. A few cards in, I found my Griffey. There’s something amazing about pulling that one card you want from a pack. The shopkeeper gave me a penny sleeve and toploader for my Griffey, the only card I owned worthy of a toploader. The card has never left that toploader. With that one card, my shoebox of cards became a collection. You can take my inserts, parallels, serial numbered, autos and relics, but don’t touch my Griffey.

You can check out Greg, Justin’s and mine in the Top Card Gallery up top.

If you want to share please send along your write up and a scan to mojo-k-@



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