Panini Certified Hockey…

Certified is one of the tried and true Panini brands. It’s a standard 4 hit per box fair, the bread and butter of Panini. The hockey release is pretty nice and has some slick cards.

The base cards are very Panini and look good.
The cards have a mirror shine and looks nice in person. The ice effect on the top looks great in hand.

They also have parallels. Not as many as most Panini release so these are a little more rare. I only pulled one, numbered to 100.
It took me a while to realize the green lettering isn’t part of the design but from the boards in the photo.

The inserts have some standouts.
A nice enough looking card of Joseph. The black and white looks cool and legends cards are always cool.

Very nice. I love the close up of the mask and then the aerial view of the guy in the crease. A very cool design. Is there any better position in sports for an insert set than goalie?

I love this set. Old timers, and more recent guys in their various old school unis. There is an auto version of this set that is epic.

I was pleased to pull one, well kinda. I got a redemption for a Nikolai Khabibulin auto. Problem is I think he is in jail so i am not sure the likelihood of this getting redeemed. Fingers crossed.

I pulled two Fabric of the Game relic cards.
I am not the biggest fan of the design but this is a pretty well established relic set. There are some die-cut relic that use the space better that look very cool.

I really like the auto. A base variation auto when done well is hard to beat, and this is done well. On-card baby. The player aint all that great but it’s a solid card. The bigger rookies have relic autos similar to what we saw in Totally Certified bball last year.

A solid release from an established brand. I hope Khabibulin signs that card, which will make this box a homerun.



3 responses to “Panini Certified Hockey…

  1. That Parise is awesome! Great pull!

  2. The Bulin Wall played the other night. Nice hit! Go Oilers! He was in jail right before the season started though from a DUI. Crazy Russian.

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