Thank you Topps…

About a year ago the first images of 2011 Lineage hit the scene. It looked awesome, basically a return of fan Favorites. When it finally hit the streets it was a bit of a let down. The ’75 mini insert set was cool but it wasn’t what we were hopping it would be.

Images from the new Archives set have hit and it doesn’t just look like Fan Favorites, it is straight up te return of Fan Favorites.
Hells yeah.

I loved Fan Favorites. I bought a mess of ’04 and ’05. I built sets of each and have a nice collection of autos. One of the best autos sets all time. Two cards in particular caught my eye.

A nice card of Donny Baseball, check. The sweet ’85 Topps design, check. On card auto (I hope), check. It’s the trifecta.

I have written about my love of Griffey’s ’89 traded rookie so I am very pleased to see Topps invoke that here.

Topps also dropped a preview of this guy.
Leads me to believe Archives may very well be a fan Favorites style deal, that or maybe the entire set will will be the ’84 design. Either way I am happy.


2 responses to “Thank you Topps…

  1. According to Beckett, Topps and another blog, the Topps Archives set will feature current and retired players on four past Topps designs (’54, ’71, ’80 and ’84). The autos that you see are Fan Favorite-style hits. There will also be inserts similar to the inserts that were in Lineage.

    The limit to 4 designs is a bummer, the inclusion of current players is a bummer (although I know they have to go by the MLB agreement). If the card stock is like Lineage and not past Fan Favorites/Archives sets, that will be a bummer, too.

    • Those are 4 pretty decent designs. The ’80 and ’84 being two of my favorites. This could be a solid product.

      I don’t have a problem with the inclusion of current players. I just hope Ben Revere has card with the ’71 design, it could look pretty sweet.

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