Year in review, best cards of the year…

I continue my review of the year with a look at the best cards in each of the four major sports.

We will start with the best sport, baseball.

The top card of 2011 in baseball doesn’t come from this year but in my mind is the best card of the biggest name in baseball, well biggest name for a few weeks.
Freese made the World Series a must watch and came out of no-where to be the biggest name in the sport, eclipsing even Pujols.

His 2009 Bowman chrome went from a common to $20 over night. I hope Freese comes out of the gate in ’12 swinging just as hard, keeping his RC on top of the hotlist.

Football is a no-brainer. It has to be a card of Cam, but wich one?
This one.
Topps upped it’s chrome game with on card autos making this the biggest of cam’s rookies to date.

Basket ball was also an easy choice player wise. John Wall was the stand out of the rookie class and brought hope back to the Beltway faithful.

For the specific card I went with what I consider to be his best looking rookie, form what I consider to be the best looking set of the year.
Nice vibrant colors, a simple design and in card auto is all you need to know.

The hardest part about picking the hockey card of the year was finding a good scan.
No doubt it was Taylor hall and no doubt it was hist top rookie, and the greatest base rookie set ever, Young guns.
A thing of beauty.

That’s just one man’s opinion, what do you consider the cards of the year?



2 responses to “Year in review, best cards of the year…

  1. Freese was huge, but it was the year of Bryce Harper, unfortunately.

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