Year in review, my favorite posts…

I really enjoy writing this blog and like to think I am pretty good at it.

As I review 2011 I though I would look back at some of my favorites posts I have put up here on the Mojo Beard.

The first one was looks at some of the coolest cards I have come across in my entire collecting career.
It looks at my neighbor’s awesome collection of cards from when he was a kid. Truly some of the best looking late ’50s and early ’60s cards you will ever see.

Of all my different posts my series of old schools hits are probably my favorite. Hits of Yore was one of my first posts when I joined the blog a little over a year ago and is still going strong. This is one of my favorites.
Bo sure does know.

I am by no means a force in the industry but I sure hope the term Supercard catches one. Here is the post that started it all.

I like to be helpful to my fellow collectors. Sometimes I send folks random cards from breaks and sometimes I offer helpful instructions.
Be a friend to the cardboard and set it free.

This post is a favorite of mine because I got to use math.
I thought about re-doing the math when gold was nearing 2k and ounce, but I didn’t.

When I wrote this post I thought the topic was really interesting, how each of the three manufacturers in the ’80s had a three year run at the top. Based on the number of comments and views it looks like I was the only one that found it interesting. I really like the post.

This one is for everyone that was a kid or had a kid brother or sister in the early ’90s.

This last one is my favorite of the year. It’s what I consider to be my most thought out post. My Magnum opus if you will.

Thanks for listening (or reading).



2 responses to “Year in review, my favorite posts…

  1. Good work this year and nice retrospective. I think the Supercard is safe in your hands.

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