Year in review, best auto sets of the year…

Who doesn’t love autos, they are without a doubt the top of the card mountain. A few things make a great auto set, on-card/hard signed, great design and a solid player checklist being the top three. Personally I favor rookie autos so my picks for top auto set of the year lean that way.

One of the best trends of the year has been a huge increase in on-card autos. Both of my top picks are sets that have been historically sticker that went on-card this past year.

Panini Contenders Hockey

Contenders is a tried and true set in football that expanded into basketball and hockey. Of the three sports hockey was a stand out.
All rookie ticket autos were on-card and featured a sweet design. The rookie class was very strong. Guys Like Taylor Hall, Jeff Skinner and PK Subban led the charge. The class was deep so the chance of pulling a solid card is pretty high, especially considering you get four autos per hobby box.

Topps Chrome Football

Just like Contenders Chrome had always been a sticker auto away from being perfect.
Topps went on-card for all the big names and it pushed chrome over the top. Boxes jumped to almost a $100 and sold out in many shops. $100 for one auto mind you. The checklist is super deep with a huge number of rookies tearing it up in seemingly the best QB class in years.

2011 EEE has yet to hit the streets and looks to be pretty sweet in it’s own right.



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