Christmas traditions…

Merry christmas to all.

Christmas brings with it many great traditions and here are two of my favorites.

Sports wise Christmas is all about the NBA. This year even more so as pro bball returns.

The Heat came out swinging beating the reigning champs. I have no hate for the Heat or Lebron so I am cool with them wining the first game of the season. More exciting is the Bulls eeking out a win over the lakers 88 to 87. Kobe played well for a guy that the sports pundits would have you believe was done for the season. Speaking of Kobe here is a little throwback for ya.
These are cool cards, they have the texture of a basketball, a simple concept and very effective. I also have this guy.
I don’t think MJ has a bad card out there.

Another time honored Christmas tradition is the BBC America Doctor Who X-mas special. I guess it’s only a few years old, I don’t think they did it with the order series. I don’t have many Doctor Who cards, none of the new guys. I do have this beauty.
Peter Davidson is in my top 5 Doctors, maybe even top 3. Fun fact he is married to the woman that played Trillian in the orignal BBC Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
One of my favorite Doctor Who cards is this one.
It’s hard to see in the scan but it’s a pretty sweet chrome image of the original Cybermen. The Cyberman played a prominent role in the great 2008 special. I wasn’t too keen on the weird monkey Cybermen things though. My all time favorite is the first special from 2005, the Christmas Invasion. Best line is when Prime Minister Harriet Jones (yes I know who you are) tells the invading aliens “…this planet is armed and we do not surrender.” Hell yeah!

Man that may be the nerdiest paragraph I have ever posted on here, and that is saying something.

Keeping the nerdness rolling check out my son in one of his presents.

I hope ya’ll had a safe and happy holiday!



One response to “Christmas traditions…

  1. Boba Fett rules! Merry Christmas.

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